<!-- (C) International Organization for Standardization 1986 Permission to copy in any form is granted for use with conforming SGML systems and applications as defined in ISO 8879, provided this notice is included in all copies. --> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISOamsa PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Arrow Relations//EN"> %ISOamsa; --> <!ENTITY cularr SDATA "[cularr]"--/curvearrowleft A: left curved arrow --> <!ENTITY curarr SDATA "[curarr]"--/curvearrowright A: rt curved arrow --> <!ENTITY dArr SDATA "[dArr ]"--/Downarrow A: down dbl arrow --> <!ENTITY darr2 SDATA "[darr2 ]"--/downdownarrows A: two down arrows --> <!ENTITY dharl SDATA "[dharl ]"--/downleftharpoon A: dn harpoon-left --> <!ENTITY dharr SDATA "[dharr ]"--/downrightharpoon A: down harpoon-rt --> <!ENTITY lAarr SDATA "[lAarr ]"--/Lleftarrow A: left triple arrow --> <!ENTITY Larr SDATA "[Larr ]"--/twoheadleftarrow A:--> <!ENTITY larr2 SDATA "[larr2 ]"--/leftleftarrows A: two left arrows --> <!ENTITY larrhk SDATA "[larrhk]"--/hookleftarrow A: left arrow-hooked --> <!ENTITY larrlp SDATA "[larrlp]"--/looparrowleft A: left arrow-looped --> <!ENTITY larrtl SDATA "[larrtl]"--/leftarrowtail A: left arrow-tailed --> <!ENTITY lhard SDATA "[lhard ]"--/leftharpoondown A: l harpoon-down --> <!ENTITY lharu SDATA "[lharu ]"--/leftharpoonup A: left harpoon-up --> <!ENTITY hArr SDATA "[hArr ]"--/Leftrightarrow A: l&r dbl arrow --> <!ENTITY harr SDATA "[harr ]"--/leftrightarrow A: l&r arrow --> <!ENTITY lrarr2 SDATA "[lrarr2]"--/leftrightarrows A: l arr over r arr --> <!ENTITY rlarr2 SDATA "[rlarr2]"--/rightleftarrows A: r arr over l arr --> <!ENTITY harrw SDATA "[harrw ]"--/leftrightsquigarrow A: l&r arr-wavy --> <!ENTITY rlhar2 SDATA "[rlhar2]"--/rightleftharpoons A: r harp over l --> <!ENTITY lrhar2 SDATA "[lrhar2]"--/leftrightharpoons A: l harp over r --> <!ENTITY lsh SDATA "[lsh ]"--/Lsh A:--> <!ENTITY map SDATA "[map ]"--/mapsto A:--> <!ENTITY mumap SDATA "[mumap ]"--/multimap A:--> <!ENTITY nearr SDATA "[nearr ]"--/nearrow A: NE pointing arrow --> <!ENTITY nlArr SDATA "[nlArr ]"--/nLeftarrow A: not implied by --> <!ENTITY nlarr SDATA "[nlarr ]"--/nleftarrow A: not left arrow --> <!ENTITY nhArr SDATA "[nhArr ]"--/nLeftrightarrow A: not l&r dbl arr --> <!ENTITY nharr SDATA "[nharr ]"--/nleftrightarrow A: not l&r arrow --> <!ENTITY nrarr SDATA "[nrarr ]"--/nrightarrow A: not right arrow --> <!ENTITY nrArr SDATA "[nrArr ]"--/nRightarrow A: not implies --> <!ENTITY nwarr SDATA "[nwarr ]"--/nwarrow A: NW pointing arrow --> <!ENTITY olarr SDATA "[olarr ]"--/circlearrowleft A: l arr in circle --> <!ENTITY orarr SDATA "[orarr ]"--/circlearrowright A: r arr in circle --> <!ENTITY rAarr SDATA "[rAarr ]"--/Rrightarrow A: right triple arrow --> <!ENTITY Rarr SDATA "[Rarr ]"--/twoheadrightarrow A:--> <!ENTITY rarr2 SDATA "[rarr2 ]"--/rightrightarrows A: two rt arrows --> <!ENTITY rarrhk SDATA "[rarrhk]"--/hookrightarrow A: rt arrow-hooked --> <!ENTITY rarrlp SDATA "[rarrlp]"--/looparrowright A: rt arrow-looped --> <!ENTITY rarrtl SDATA "[rarrtl]"--/rightarrowtail A: rt arrow-tailed --> <!ENTITY rarrw SDATA "[rarrw ]"--/squigarrowright A: rt arrow-wavy --> <!ENTITY rhard SDATA "[rhard ]"--/rightharpoondown A: rt harpoon-down --> <!ENTITY rharu SDATA "[rharu ]"--/rightharpoonup A: rt harpoon-up --> <!ENTITY rsh SDATA "[rsh ]"--/Rsh A:--> <!ENTITY drarr SDATA "[drarr ]"--/searrow A: downward rt arrow --> <!ENTITY dlarr SDATA "[dlarr ]"--/swarrow A: downward l arrow --> <!ENTITY uArr SDATA "[uArr ]"--/Uparrow A: up dbl arrow --> <!ENTITY uarr2 SDATA "[uarr2 ]"--/upuparrows A: two up arrows --> <!ENTITY vArr SDATA "[vArr ]"--/Updownarrow A: up&down dbl arrow --> <!ENTITY varr SDATA "[varr ]"--/updownarrow A: up&down arrow --> <!ENTITY uharl SDATA "[uharl ]"--/upleftharpoon A: up harpoon-left --> <!ENTITY uharr SDATA "[uharr ]"--/uprightharpoon A: up harp-r--> <!ENTITY xlArr SDATA "[xlArr ]"--/Longleftarrow A: long l dbl arrow --> <!ENTITY xhArr SDATA "[xhArr ]"--/Longleftrightarrow A: long l&r dbl arr--> <!ENTITY xharr SDATA "[xharr ]"--/longleftrightarrow A: long l&r arr --> <!ENTITY xrArr SDATA "[xrArr ]"--/Longrightarrow A: long rt dbl arr --> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISOamsb PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Binary Operators//EN"> %ISOamsb; --> <!ENTITY amalg SDATA "[amalg ]"--/amalg B: amalgamation or coproduct--> <!ENTITY Barwed SDATA "[Barwed]"--/doublebarwedge B: log and, dbl bar--> <!ENTITY barwed SDATA "[barwed]"--/barwedge B: logical and, bar above--> <!ENTITY Cap SDATA "[Cap ]"--/Cap /doublecap B: dbl intersection--> <!ENTITY Cup SDATA "[Cup ]"--/Cup /doublecup B: dbl union--> <!ENTITY cuvee SDATA "[cuvee ]"--/curlyvee B: curly logical or--> <!ENTITY cuwed SDATA "[cuwed ]"--/curlywedge B: curly logical and--> <!ENTITY diam SDATA "[diam ]"--/diamond B: open diamond--> <!ENTITY divonx SDATA "[divonx]"--/divideontimes B: division on times--> <!ENTITY intcal SDATA "[intcal]"--/intercal B: intercal--> <!ENTITY lthree SDATA "[lthree]"--/leftthreetimes B:--> <!ENTITY ltimes SDATA "[ltimes]"--/ltimes B: times sign, left closed--> <!ENTITY minusb SDATA "[minusb]"--/boxminus B: minus sign in box--> <!ENTITY oast SDATA "[oast ]"--/circledast B: asterisk in circle--> <!ENTITY ocir SDATA "[ocir ]"--/circledcirc B: open dot in circle--> <!ENTITY odash SDATA "[odash ]"--/circleddash B: hyphen in circle--> <!ENTITY odot SDATA "[odot ]"--/odot B: middle dot in circle--> <!ENTITY ominus SDATA "[ominus]"--/ominus B: minus sign in circle--> <!ENTITY oplus SDATA "[oplus ]"--/oplus B: plus sign in circle--> <!ENTITY osol SDATA "[osol ]"--/oslash B: solidus in circle--> <!ENTITY otimes SDATA "[otimes]"--/otimes B: multiply sign in circle--> <!ENTITY plusb SDATA "[plusb ]"--/boxplus B: plus sign in box--> <!ENTITY plusdo SDATA "[plusdo]"--/dotplus B: plus sign, dot above--> <!ENTITY rthree SDATA "[rthree]"--/rightthreetimes B:--> <!ENTITY rtimes SDATA "[rtimes]"--/rtimes B: times sign, right closed--> <!ENTITY sdot SDATA "[sdot ]"--/cdot B: small middle dot--> <!ENTITY sdotb SDATA "[sdotb ]"--/dotsquare /boxdot B: small dot in box--> <!ENTITY setmn SDATA "[setmn ]"--/setminus B: reverse solidus--> <!ENTITY sqcap SDATA "[sqcap ]"--/sqcap B: square intersection--> <!ENTITY sqcup SDATA "[sqcup ]"--/sqcup B: square union--> <!ENTITY ssetmn SDATA "[ssetmn]"--/smallsetminus B: sm reverse solidus--> <!ENTITY sstarf SDATA "[sstarf]"--/star B: small star, filled--> <!ENTITY timesb SDATA "[timesb]"--/boxtimes B: multiply sign in box--> <!ENTITY top SDATA "[top ]"--/top B: inverted perpendicular--> <!ENTITY uplus SDATA "[uplus ]"--/uplus B: plus sign in union--> <!ENTITY wreath SDATA "[wreath]"--/wr B: wreath product--> <!ENTITY xcirc SDATA "[xcirc ]"--/bigcirc B: large circle--> <!ENTITY xdtri SDATA "[xdtri ]"--/bigtriangledown B: big dn tri, open--> <!ENTITY xutri SDATA "[xutri ]"--/bigtriangleup B: big up tri, open--> <!ENTITY coprod SDATA "[coprod]"--/coprod L: coproduct operator--> <!ENTITY prod SDATA "[prod ]"--/prod L: product operator--> <!ENTITY sum SDATA "[sum ]"--/sum L: summation operator--> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISOamsc PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Delimiters//EN"> %ISOamsc; --> <!ENTITY rceil SDATA "[rceil ]"--/rceil C: right ceiling--> <!ENTITY rfloor SDATA "[rfloor]"--/rfloor C: right floor--> <!ENTITY rpargt SDATA "[rpargt]"--/rightparengtr C: right paren, gt--> <!ENTITY urcorn SDATA "[urcorn]"--/urcorner C: upper right corner--> <!ENTITY drcorn SDATA "[drcorn]"--/lrcorner C: downward right corner--> <!ENTITY lceil SDATA "[lceil ]"--/lceil O: left ceiling--> <!ENTITY lfloor SDATA "[lfloor]"--/lfloor O: left floor--> <!ENTITY lpargt SDATA "[lpargt]"--/leftparengtr O: left parenthesis, gt--> <!ENTITY ulcorn SDATA "[ulcorn]"--/ulcorner O: upper left corner--> <!ENTITY dlcorn SDATA "[dlcorn]"--/llcorner O: downward left corner--> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISOamsn PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Negated Relations//EN"> %ISOamsn; --> <!ENTITY gnap SDATA "[gnap ]"--/gnapprox N: greater, not approximate--> <!ENTITY gne SDATA "[gne ]"--/gneq N: greater, not equals--> <!ENTITY gnE SDATA "[gnE ]"--/gneqq N: greater, not dbl equals--> <!ENTITY gnsim SDATA "[gnsim ]"--/gnsim N: greater, not similar--> <!ENTITY gvnE SDATA "[gvnE ]"--/gvertneqq N: gt, vert, not dbl eq--> <!ENTITY lnap SDATA "[lnap ]"--/lnapprox N: less, not approximate--> <!ENTITY lnE SDATA "[lnE ]"--/lneqq N: less, not double equals--> <!ENTITY lne SDATA "[lne ]"--/lneq N: less, not equals--> <!ENTITY lnsim SDATA "[lnsim ]"--/lnsim N: less, not similar--> <!ENTITY lvnE SDATA "[lvnE ]"--/lvertneqq N: less, vert, not dbl eq--> <!ENTITY nap SDATA "[nap ]"--/napprox N: not approximate--> <!ENTITY ncong SDATA "[ncong ]"--/ncong N: not congruent with--> <!ENTITY nequiv SDATA "[nequiv]"--/nequiv N: not identical with--> <!ENTITY ngE SDATA "[ngE ]"--/ngeqq N: not greater, dbl equals--> <!ENTITY nge SDATA "[nge ]"--/ngeq N: not greater-than-or-equal--> <!ENTITY nges SDATA "[nges ]"--/ngeqslant N: not gt-or-eq, slanted--> <!ENTITY ngt SDATA "[ngt ]"--/ngtr N: not greater-than--> <!ENTITY nle SDATA "[nle ]"--/nleq N: not less-than-or-equal--> <!ENTITY nlE SDATA "[nlE ]"--/nleqq N: not less, dbl equals--> <!ENTITY nles SDATA "[nles ]"--/nleqslant N: not less-or-eq, slant--> <!ENTITY nlt SDATA "[nlt ]"--/nless N: not less-than--> <!ENTITY nltri SDATA "[nltri ]"--/ntriangleleft N: not left triangle--> <!ENTITY nltrie SDATA "[nltrie]"--/ntrianglelefteq N: not l tri, eq--> <!ENTITY nmid SDATA "[nmid ]"--/nmid--> <!ENTITY npar SDATA "[npar ]"--/nparallel N: not parallel--> <!ENTITY npr SDATA "[npr ]"--/nprec N: not precedes--> <!ENTITY npre SDATA "[npre ]"--/npreceq N: not precedes, equals--> <!ENTITY nrtri SDATA "[nrtri ]"--/ntriangleright N: not rt triangle--> <!ENTITY nrtrie SDATA "[nrtrie]"--/ntrianglerighteq N: not r tri, eq--> <!ENTITY nsc SDATA "[nsc ]"--/nsucc N: not succeeds--> <!ENTITY nsce SDATA "[nsce ]"--/nsucceq N: not succeeds, equals--> <!ENTITY nsim SDATA "[nsim ]"--/nsim N: not similar--> <!ENTITY nsime SDATA "[nsime ]"--/nsimeq N: not similar, equals--> <!ENTITY nsmid SDATA "[nsmid ]"--/nshortmid--> <!ENTITY nspar SDATA "[nspar ]"--/nshortparallel N: not short par--> <!ENTITY nsub SDATA "[nsub ]"--/nsubset N: not subset--> <!ENTITY nsube SDATA "[nsube ]"--/nsubseteq N: not subset, equals--> <!ENTITY nsubE SDATA "[nsubE ]"--/nsubseteqq N: not subset, dbl eq--> <!ENTITY nsup SDATA "[nsup ]"--/nsupset N: not superset--> <!ENTITY nsupE SDATA "[nsupE ]"--/nsupseteqq N: not superset, dbl eq--> <!ENTITY nsupe SDATA "[nsupe ]"--/nsupseteq N: not superset, equals--> <!ENTITY nvdash SDATA "[nvdash]"--/nvdash N: not vertical, dash--> <!ENTITY nvDash SDATA "[nvDash]"--/nvDash N: not vertical, dbl dash--> <!ENTITY nVDash SDATA "[nVDash]"--/nVDash N: not dbl vert, dbl dash--> <!ENTITY nVdash SDATA "[nVdash]"--/nVdash N: not dbl vertical, dash--> <!ENTITY prnap SDATA "[prnap ]"--/precnapprox N: precedes, not approx--> <!ENTITY prnE SDATA "[prnE ]"--/precneqq N: precedes, not dbl eq--> <!ENTITY prnsim SDATA "[prnsim]"--/precnsim N: precedes, not similar--> <!ENTITY scnap SDATA "[scnap ]"--/succnapprox N: succeeds, not approx--> <!ENTITY scnE SDATA "[scnE ]"--/succneqq N: succeeds, not dbl eq--> <!ENTITY scnsim SDATA "[scnsim]"--/succnsim N: succeeds, not similar--> <!ENTITY subne SDATA "[subne ]"--/subsetneq N: subset, not equals--> <!ENTITY subnE SDATA "[subnE ]"--/subsetneqq N: subset, not dbl eq--> <!ENTITY supne SDATA "[supne ]"--/supsetneq N: superset, not equals--> <!ENTITY supnE SDATA "[supnE ]"--/supsetneqq N: superset, not dbl eq--> <!ENTITY vsubnE SDATA "[vsubnE]"--/subsetneqq N: subset not dbl eq, var--> <!ENTITY vsubne SDATA "[vsubne]"--/subsetneq N: subset, not eq, var--> <!ENTITY vsupne SDATA "[vsupne]"--/supsetneq N: superset, not eq, var--> <!ENTITY vsupnE SDATA "[vsupnE]"--/supsetneqq N: super not dbl eq, var--> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISOamso PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Ordinary//EN"> %ISOamso; --> <!ENTITY ang SDATA "[ang ]"--/angle - angle--> <!ENTITY angmsd SDATA "[angmsd]"--/measuredangle - angle-measured--> <!ENTITY beth SDATA "[beth ]"--/beth - beth, Hebrew--> <!ENTITY bprime SDATA "[bprime]"--/backprime - reverse prime--> <!ENTITY comp SDATA "[comp ]"--/complement - complement sign--> <!ENTITY daleth SDATA "[daleth]"--/daleth - daleth, Hebrew--> <!ENTITY ell SDATA "[ell ]"--/ell - cursive small l--> <!ENTITY empty SDATA "[empty ]"--/emptyset /varnothing =small o, slash--> <!ENTITY gimel SDATA "[gimel ]"--/gimel - gimel, Hebrew--> <!ENTITY image SDATA "[image ]"--/Im - imaginary--> <!ENTITY inodot SDATA "[inodot]"--/imath =small i, no dot--> <!ENTITY jnodot SDATA "[jnodot]"--/jmath - small j, no dot--> <!ENTITY nexist SDATA "[nexist]"--/nexists - negated exists--> <!ENTITY oS SDATA "[oS ]"--/circledS - capital S in circle--> <!ENTITY planck SDATA "[planck]"--/hbar /hslash - Planck's over 2pi--> <!ENTITY real SDATA "[real ]"--/Re - real--> <!ENTITY sbsol SDATA "[sbsol ]"--/sbs - short reverse solidus--> <!ENTITY vprime SDATA "[vprime]"--/varprime - prime, variant--> <!ENTITY weierp SDATA "[weierp]"--/wp - Weierstrass p--> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISOamsr PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Relations//EN"> %ISOamsr; --> <!ENTITY ape SDATA "[ape ]"--/approxeq R: approximate, equals--> <!ENTITY asymp SDATA "[asymp ]"--/asymp R: asymptotically equal to--> <!ENTITY bcong SDATA "[bcong ]"--/backcong R: reverse congruent--> <!ENTITY bepsi SDATA "[bepsi ]"--/backepsilon R: such that--> <!ENTITY bowtie SDATA "[bowtie]"--/bowtie R:--> <!ENTITY bsim SDATA "[bsim ]"--/backsim R: reverse similar--> <!ENTITY bsime SDATA "[bsime ]"--/backsimeq R: reverse similar, eq--> <!ENTITY bump SDATA "[bump ]"--/Bumpeq R: bumpy equals--> <!ENTITY bumpe SDATA "[bumpe ]"--/bumpeq R: bumpy equals, equals--> <!ENTITY cire SDATA "[cire ]"--/circeq R: circle, equals--> <!ENTITY colone SDATA "[colone]"--/coloneq R: colon, equals--> <!ENTITY cuepr SDATA "[cuepr ]"--/curlyeqprec R: curly eq, precedes--> <!ENTITY cuesc SDATA "[cuesc ]"--/curlyeqsucc R: curly eq, succeeds--> <!ENTITY cupre SDATA "[cupre ]"--/curlypreceq R: curly precedes, eq--> <!ENTITY dashv SDATA "[dashv ]"--/dashv R: dash, vertical--> <!ENTITY ecir SDATA "[ecir ]"--/eqcirc R: circle on equals sign--> <!ENTITY ecolon SDATA "[ecolon]"--/eqcolon R: equals, colon--> <!ENTITY eDot SDATA "[eDot ]"--/doteqdot /Doteq R: eq, even dots--> <!ENTITY esdot SDATA "[esdot ]"--/doteq R: equals, single dot above--> <!ENTITY efDot SDATA "[efDot ]"--/fallingdotseq R: eq, falling dots--> <!ENTITY egs SDATA "[egs ]"--/eqslantgtr R: equal-or-gtr, slanted--> <!ENTITY els SDATA "[els ]"--/eqslantless R: eq-or-less, slanted--> <!ENTITY erDot SDATA "[erDot ]"--/risingdotseq R: eq, rising dots--> <!ENTITY fork SDATA "[fork ]"--/pitchfork R: pitchfork--> <!ENTITY frown SDATA "[frown ]"--/frown R: down curve--> <!ENTITY gap SDATA "[gap ]"--/gtrapprox R: greater, approximate--> <!ENTITY gsdot SDATA "[gsdot ]"--/gtrdot R: greater than, single dot--> <!ENTITY gE SDATA "[gE ]"--/geqq R: greater, double equals--> <!ENTITY gel SDATA "[gel ]"--/gtreqless R: greater, equals, less--> <!ENTITY gEl SDATA "[gEl ]"--/gtreqqless R: gt, dbl equals, less--> <!ENTITY ges SDATA "[ges ]"--/geqslant R: gt-or-equal, slanted--> <!ENTITY Gg SDATA "[Gg ]"--/ggg /Gg /gggtr R: triple gtr-than--> <!ENTITY gl SDATA "[gl ]"--/gtrless R: greater, less--> <!ENTITY gsim SDATA "[gsim ]"--/gtrsim R: greater, similar--> <!ENTITY Gt SDATA "[Gt ]"--/gg R: dbl greater-than sign--> <!ENTITY lap SDATA "[lap ]"--/lessapprox R: less, approximate--> <!ENTITY ldot SDATA "[ldot ]"--/lessdot R: less than, with dot--> <!ENTITY lE SDATA "[lE ]"--/leqq R: less, double equals--> <!ENTITY lEg SDATA "[lEg ]"--/lesseqqgtr R: less, dbl eq, greater--> <!ENTITY leg SDATA "[leg ]"--/lesseqgtr R: less, eq, greater--> <!ENTITY les SDATA "[les ]"--/leqslant R: less-than-or-eq, slant--> <!ENTITY lg SDATA "[lg ]"--/lessgtr R: less, greater--> <!ENTITY Ll SDATA "[Ll ]"--/Ll /lll /llless R: triple less-than--> <!ENTITY lsim SDATA "[lsim ]"--/lesssim R: less, similar--> <!ENTITY Lt SDATA "[Lt ]"--/ll R: double less-than sign--> <!ENTITY ltrie SDATA "[ltrie ]"--/trianglelefteq R: left triangle, eq--> <!ENTITY mid SDATA "[mid ]"--/mid R:--> <!ENTITY models SDATA "[models]"--/models R:--> <!ENTITY pr SDATA "[pr ]"--/prec R: precedes--> <!ENTITY prap SDATA "[prap ]"--/precapprox R: precedes, approximate--> <!ENTITY pre SDATA "[pre ]"--/preceq R: precedes, equals--> <!ENTITY prsim SDATA "[prsim ]"--/precsim R: precedes, similar--> <!ENTITY rtrie SDATA "[rtrie ]"--/trianglerighteq R: right tri, eq--> <!ENTITY samalg SDATA "[samalg]"--/smallamalg R: small amalg--> <!ENTITY sc SDATA "[sc ]"--/succ R: succeeds--> <!ENTITY scap SDATA "[scap ]"--/succapprox R: succeeds, approximate--> <!ENTITY sccue SDATA "[sccue ]"--/succcurlyeq R: succeeds, curly eq--> <!ENTITY sce SDATA "[sce ]"--/succeq R: succeeds, equals--> <!ENTITY scsim SDATA "[scsim ]"--/succsim R: succeeds, similar--> <!ENTITY sfrown SDATA "[sfrown]"--/smallfrown R: small down curve--> <!ENTITY smid SDATA "[smid ]"--/shortmid R:--> <!ENTITY smile SDATA "[smile ]"--/smile R: up curve--> <!ENTITY spar SDATA "[spar ]"--/shortparallel R: short parallel--> <!ENTITY sqsub SDATA "[sqsub ]"--/sqsubset R: square subset--> <!ENTITY sqsube SDATA "[sqsube]"--/sqsubseteq R: square subset, equals--> <!ENTITY sqsup SDATA "[sqsup ]"--/sqsupset R: square superset--> <!ENTITY sqsupe SDATA "[sqsupe]"--/sqsupseteq R: square superset, eq--> <!ENTITY ssmile SDATA "[ssmile]"--/smallsmile R: small up curve--> <!ENTITY Sub SDATA "[Sub ]"--/Subset R: double subset--> <!ENTITY subE SDATA "[subE ]"--/subseteqq R: subset, dbl equals--> <!ENTITY Sup SDATA "[Sup ]"--/Supset R: dbl superset--> <!ENTITY supE SDATA "[supE ]"--/supseteqq R: superset, dbl equals--> <!ENTITY thkap SDATA "[thkap ]"--/thickapprox R: thick approximate--> <!ENTITY thksim SDATA "[thksim]"--/thicksim R: thick similar--> <!ENTITY trie SDATA "[trie ]"--/triangleq R: triangle, equals--> <!ENTITY twixt SDATA "[twixt ]"--/between R: between--> <!ENTITY vdash SDATA "[vdash ]"--/vdash R: vertical, dash--> <!ENTITY Vdash SDATA "[Vdash ]"--/Vdash R: dbl vertical, dash--> <!ENTITY vDash SDATA "[vDash ]"--/vDash R: vertical, dbl dash--> <!ENTITY veebar SDATA "[veebar]"--/veebar R: logical or, bar below--> <!ENTITY vltri SDATA "[vltri ]"--/vartriangleleft R: l tri, open, var--> <!ENTITY vprop SDATA "[vprop ]"--/varpropto R: proportional, variant--> <!ENTITY vrtri SDATA "[vrtri ]"--/vartriangleright R: r tri, open, var--> <!ENTITY Vvdash SDATA "[Vvdash]"--/Vvdash R: triple vertical, dash--> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISObox PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Box and Line Drawing//EN"> %ISObox; --> <!-- All names are in the form: box1234, where: box = constants that identify a box drawing entity. 1&2 = v, V, u, U, d, D, Ud, or uD, as follows: v = vertical line for full height. u = upper half of vertical line. d = downward (lower) half of vertical line. 3&4 = h, H, l, L, r, R, Lr, or lR, as follows: h = horizontal line for full width. l = left half of horizontal line. r = right half of horizontal line. In all cases, an upper-case letter means a double or heavy line. --> <!ENTITY boxh SDATA "[boxh ]"--horizontal line --> <!ENTITY boxv SDATA "[boxv ]"--vertical line--> <!ENTITY boxur SDATA "[boxur ]"--upper right quadrant--> <!ENTITY boxul SDATA "[boxul ]"--upper left quadrant--> <!ENTITY boxdl SDATA "[boxdl ]"--lower left quadrant--> <!ENTITY boxdr SDATA "[boxdr ]"--lower right quadrant--> <!ENTITY boxvr SDATA "[boxvr ]"--upper and lower right quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxhu SDATA "[boxhu ]"--upper left and right quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxvl SDATA "[boxvl ]"--upper and lower left quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxhd SDATA "[boxhd ]"--lower left and right quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxvh SDATA "[boxvh ]"--all four quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxvR SDATA "[boxvR ]"--upper and lower right quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxhU SDATA "[boxhU ]"--upper left and right quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxvL SDATA "[boxvL ]"--upper and lower left quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxhD SDATA "[boxhD ]"--lower left and right quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxvH SDATA "[boxvH ]"--all four quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxH SDATA "[boxH ]"--horizontal line--> <!ENTITY boxV SDATA "[boxV ]"--vertical line--> <!ENTITY boxUR SDATA "[boxUR ]"--upper right quadrant--> <!ENTITY boxUL SDATA "[boxUL ]"--upper left quadrant--> <!ENTITY boxDL SDATA "[boxDL ]"--lower left quadrant--> <!ENTITY boxDR SDATA "[boxDR ]"--lower right quadrant--> <!ENTITY boxVR SDATA "[boxVR ]"--upper and lower right quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxHU SDATA "[boxHU ]"--upper left and right quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxVL SDATA "[boxVL ]"--upper and lower left quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxHD SDATA "[boxHD ]"--lower left and right quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxVH SDATA "[boxVH ]"--all four quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxVr SDATA "[boxVr ]"--upper and lower right quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxHu SDATA "[boxHu ]"--upper left and right quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxVl SDATA "[boxVl ]"--upper and lower left quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxHd SDATA "[boxHd ]"--lower left and right quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxVh SDATA "[boxVh ]"--all four quadrants--> <!ENTITY boxuR SDATA "[boxuR ]"--upper right quadrant--> <!ENTITY boxUl SDATA "[boxUl ]"--upper left quadrant--> <!ENTITY boxdL SDATA "[boxdL ]"--lower left quadrant--> <!ENTITY boxDr SDATA "[boxDr ]"--lower right quadrant--> <!ENTITY boxUr SDATA "[boxUr ]"--upper right quadrant--> <!ENTITY boxuL SDATA "[boxuL ]"--upper left quadrant--> <!ENTITY boxDl SDATA "[boxDl ]"--lower left quadrant--> <!ENTITY boxdR SDATA "[boxdR ]"--lower right quadrant--> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISOcyr1 PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Russian Cyrillic//EN"> %ISOcyr1; --> <!ENTITY acy SDATA "[acy ]"--=small a, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Acy SDATA "[Acy ]"--=capital A, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY bcy SDATA "[bcy ]"--=small be, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Bcy SDATA "[Bcy ]"--=capital BE, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY vcy SDATA "[vcy ]"--=small ve, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Vcy SDATA "[Vcy ]"--=capital VE, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY gcy SDATA "[gcy ]"--=small ghe, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Gcy SDATA "[Gcy ]"--=capital GHE, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY dcy SDATA "[dcy ]"--=small de, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Dcy SDATA "[Dcy ]"--=capital DE, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY iecy SDATA "[iecy ]"--=small ie, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY IEcy SDATA "[IEcy ]"--=capital IE, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY iocy SDATA "[iocy ]"--=small io, Russian--> <!ENTITY IOcy SDATA "[IOcy ]"--=capital IO, Russian--> <!ENTITY zhcy SDATA "[zhcy ]"--=small zhe, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY ZHcy SDATA "[ZHcy ]"--=capital ZHE, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY zcy SDATA "[zcy ]"--=small ze, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Zcy SDATA "[Zcy ]"--=capital ZE, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY icy SDATA "[icy ]"--=small i, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Icy SDATA "[Icy ]"--=capital I, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY jcy SDATA "[jcy ]"--=small short i, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Jcy SDATA "[Jcy ]"--=capital short I, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY kcy SDATA "[kcy ]"--=small ka, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Kcy SDATA "[Kcy ]"--=capital KA, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY lcy SDATA "[lcy ]"--=small el, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Lcy SDATA "[Lcy ]"--=capital EL, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY mcy SDATA "[mcy ]"--=small em, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Mcy SDATA "[Mcy ]"--=capital EM, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY ncy SDATA "[ncy ]"--=small en, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Ncy SDATA "[Ncy ]"--=capital EN, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY ocy SDATA "[ocy ]"--=small o, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Ocy SDATA "[Ocy ]"--=capital O, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY pcy SDATA "[pcy ]"--=small pe, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Pcy SDATA "[Pcy ]"--=capital PE, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY rcy SDATA "[rcy ]"--=small er, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Rcy SDATA "[Rcy ]"--=capital ER, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY scy SDATA "[scy ]"--=small es, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Scy SDATA "[Scy ]"--=capital ES, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY tcy SDATA "[tcy ]"--=small te, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Tcy SDATA "[Tcy ]"--=capital TE, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY ucy SDATA "[ucy ]"--=small u, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Ucy SDATA "[Ucy ]"--=capital U, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY fcy SDATA "[fcy ]"--=small ef, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Fcy SDATA "[Fcy ]"--=capital EF, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY khcy SDATA "[khcy ]"--=small ha, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY KHcy SDATA "[KHcy ]"--=capital HA, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY tscy SDATA "[tscy ]"--=small tse, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY TScy SDATA "[TScy ]"--=capital TSE, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY chcy SDATA "[chcy ]"--=small che, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY CHcy SDATA "[CHcy ]"--=capital CHE, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY shcy SDATA "[shcy ]"--=small sha, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY SHcy SDATA "[SHcy ]"--=capital SHA, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY shchcy SDATA "[shchcy]"--=small shcha, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY SHCHcy SDATA "[SHCHcy]"--=capital SHCHA, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY hardcy SDATA "[hardcy]"--=small hard sign, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY HARDcy SDATA "[HARDcy]"--=capital HARD sign, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY ycy SDATA "[ycy ]"--=small yeru, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Ycy SDATA "[Ycy ]"--=capital YERU, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY softcy SDATA "[softcy]"--=small soft sign, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY SOFTcy SDATA "[SOFTcy]"--=capital SOFT sign, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY ecy SDATA "[ecy ]"--=small e, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY Ecy SDATA "[Ecy ]"--=capital E, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY yucy SDATA "[yucy ]"--=small yu, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY YUcy SDATA "[YUcy ]"--=capital YU, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY yacy SDATA "[yacy ]"--=small ya, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY YAcy SDATA "[YAcy ]"--=capital YA, Cyrillic--> <!ENTITY numero SDATA "[numero]"--=numero sign--> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISOcyr2 PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Non-Russian Cyrillic//EN"> %ISOcyr2; --> <!ENTITY djcy SDATA "[djcy ]"--=small dje, Serbian--> <!ENTITY DJcy SDATA "[DJcy ]"--=capital DJE, Serbian--> <!ENTITY gjcy SDATA "[gjcy ]"--=small gje, Macedonian--> <!ENTITY GJcy SDATA "[GJcy ]"--=capital GJE Macedonian--> <!ENTITY jukcy SDATA "[jukcy ]"--=small je, Ukrainian--> <!ENTITY Jukcy SDATA "[Jukcy ]"--=capital JE, Ukrainian--> <!ENTITY dscy SDATA "[dscy ]"--=small dse, Macedonian--> <!ENTITY DScy SDATA "[DScy ]"--=capital DSE, Macedonian--> <!ENTITY iukcy SDATA "[iukcy ]"--=small i, Ukrainian--> <!ENTITY Iukcy SDATA "[Iukcy ]"--=capital I, Ukrainian--> <!ENTITY yicy SDATA "[yicy ]"--=small yi, Ukrainian--> <!ENTITY YIcy SDATA "[YIcy ]"--=capital YI, Ukrainian--> <!ENTITY jsercy SDATA "[jsercy]"--=small je, Serbian--> <!ENTITY Jsercy SDATA "[Jsercy]"--=capital JE, Serbian--> <!ENTITY ljcy SDATA "[ljcy ]"--=small lje, Serbian--> <!ENTITY LJcy SDATA "[LJcy ]"--=capital LJE, Serbian--> <!ENTITY njcy SDATA "[njcy ]"--=small nje, Serbian--> <!ENTITY NJcy SDATA "[NJcy ]"--=capital NJE, Serbian--> <!ENTITY tshcy SDATA "[tshcy ]"--=small tshe, Serbian--> <!ENTITY TSHcy SDATA "[TSHcy ]"--=capital TSHE, Serbian--> <!ENTITY kjcy SDATA "[kjcy ]"--=small kje Macedonian--> <!ENTITY KJcy SDATA "[KJcy ]"--=capital KJE, Macedonian--> <!ENTITY ubrcy SDATA "[ubrcy ]"--=small u, Byelorussian--> <!ENTITY Ubrcy SDATA "[Ubrcy ]"--=capital U, Byelorussian--> <!ENTITY dzcy SDATA "[dzcy ]"--=small dze, Serbian--> <!ENTITY DZcy SDATA "[DZcy ]"--=capital dze, Serbian--> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISOdia PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Diacritical Marks//EN"> %ISOdia; --> <!ENTITY acute SDATA "[acute ]"--=acute accent--> <!ENTITY breve SDATA "[breve ]"--=breve--> <!ENTITY caron SDATA "[caron ]"--=caron--> <!ENTITY cedil SDATA "[cedil ]"--=cedilla--> <!ENTITY circ SDATA "[circ ]"--=circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY dblac SDATA "[dblac ]"--=double acute accent--> <!ENTITY die SDATA "[die ]"--=dieresis--> <!ENTITY dot SDATA "[dot ]"--=dot above--> <!ENTITY grave SDATA "[grave ]"--=grave accent--> <!ENTITY macr SDATA "[macr ]"--=macron--> <!ENTITY ogon SDATA "[ogon ]"--=ogonek--> <!ENTITY ring SDATA "[ring ]"--=ring--> <!ENTITY tilde SDATA "[tilde ]"--=tilde--> <!ENTITY uml SDATA "[uml ]"--=umlaut mark--> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISOgrk1 PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Greek Letters//EN"> %ISOgrk1; --> <!ENTITY agr SDATA "[agr ]"--=small alpha, Greek--> <!ENTITY Agr SDATA "[Agr ]"--=capital Alpha, Greek--> <!ENTITY bgr SDATA "[bgr ]"--=small beta, Greek--> <!ENTITY Bgr SDATA "[Bgr ]"--=capital Beta, Greek--> <!ENTITY ggr SDATA "[ggr ]"--=small gamma, Greek--> <!ENTITY Ggr SDATA "[Ggr ]"--=capital Gamma, Greek--> <!ENTITY dgr SDATA "[dgr ]"--=small delta, Greek--> <!ENTITY Dgr SDATA "[Dgr ]"--=capital Delta, Greek--> <!ENTITY egr SDATA "[egr ]"--=small epsilon, Greek--> <!ENTITY Egr SDATA "[Egr ]"--=capital Epsilon, Greek--> <!ENTITY zgr SDATA "[zgr ]"--=small zeta, Greek--> <!ENTITY Zgr SDATA "[Zgr ]"--=capital Zeta, Greek--> <!ENTITY eegr SDATA "[eegr ]"--=small eta, Greek--> <!ENTITY EEgr SDATA "[EEgr ]"--=capital Eta, Greek--> <!ENTITY thgr SDATA "[thgr ]"--=small theta, Greek--> <!ENTITY THgr SDATA "[THgr ]"--=capital Theta, Greek--> <!ENTITY igr SDATA "[igr ]"--=small iota, Greek--> <!ENTITY Igr SDATA "[Igr ]"--=capital Iota, Greek--> <!ENTITY kgr SDATA "[kgr ]"--=small kappa, Greek--> <!ENTITY Kgr SDATA "[Kgr ]"--=capital Kappa, Greek--> <!ENTITY lgr SDATA "[lgr ]"--=small lambda, Greek--> <!ENTITY Lgr SDATA "[Lgr ]"--=capital Lambda, Greek--> <!ENTITY mgr SDATA "[mgr ]"--=small mu, Greek--> <!ENTITY Mgr SDATA "[Mgr ]"--=capital Mu, Greek--> <!ENTITY ngr SDATA "[ngr ]"--=small nu, Greek--> <!ENTITY Ngr SDATA "[Ngr ]"--=capital Nu, Greek--> <!ENTITY xgr SDATA "[xgr ]"--=small xi, Greek--> <!ENTITY Xgr SDATA "[Xgr ]"--=capital Xi, Greek--> <!ENTITY ogr SDATA "[ogr ]"--=small omicron, Greek--> <!ENTITY Ogr SDATA "[Ogr ]"--=capital Omicron, Greek--> <!ENTITY pgr SDATA "[pgr ]"--=small pi, Greek--> <!ENTITY Pgr SDATA "[Pgr ]"--=capital Pi, Greek--> <!ENTITY rgr SDATA "[rgr ]"--=small rho, Greek--> <!ENTITY Rgr SDATA "[Rgr ]"--=capital Rho, Greek--> <!ENTITY sgr SDATA "[sgr ]"--=small sigma, Greek--> <!ENTITY Sgr SDATA "[Sgr ]"--=capital Sigma, Greek--> <!ENTITY sfgr SDATA "[sfgr ]"--=final small sigma, Greek--> <!ENTITY tgr SDATA "[tgr ]"--=small tau, Greek--> <!ENTITY Tgr SDATA "[Tgr ]"--=capital Tau, Greek--> <!ENTITY ugr SDATA "[ugr ]"--=small upsilon, Greek--> <!ENTITY Ugr SDATA "[Ugr ]"--=capital Upsilon, Greek--> <!ENTITY phgr SDATA "[phgr ]"--=small phi, Greek--> <!ENTITY PHgr SDATA "[PHgr ]"--=capital Phi, Greek--> <!ENTITY khgr SDATA "[khgr ]"--=small chi, Greek--> <!ENTITY KHgr SDATA "[KHgr ]"--=capital Chi, Greek--> <!ENTITY psgr SDATA "[psgr ]"--=small psi, Greek--> <!ENTITY PSgr SDATA "[PSgr ]"--=capital Psi, Greek--> <!ENTITY ohgr SDATA "[ohgr ]"--=small omega, Greek--> <!ENTITY OHgr SDATA "[OHgr ]"--=capital Omega, Greek--> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISOgrk2 PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Monotoniko Greek//EN"> %ISOgrk2; --> <!ENTITY aacgr SDATA "[aacgr ]"--=small alpha, accent, Greek--> <!ENTITY Aacgr SDATA "[Aacgr ]"--=capital Alpha, accent, Greek--> <!ENTITY eacgr SDATA "[eacgr ]"--=small epsilon, accent, Greek--> <!ENTITY Eacgr SDATA "[Eacgr ]"--=capital Epsilon, accent, Greek--> <!ENTITY eeacgr SDATA "[eeacgr]"--=small eta, accent, Greek--> <!ENTITY EEacgr SDATA "[EEacgr]"--=capital Eta, accent, Greek--> <!ENTITY idigr SDATA "[idigr ]"--=small iota, dieresis, Greek--> <!ENTITY Idigr SDATA "[Idigr ]"--=capital Iota, dieresis, Greek--> <!ENTITY iacgr SDATA "[iacgr ]"--=small iota, accent, Greek--> <!ENTITY Iacgr SDATA "[Iacgr ]"--=capital Iota, accent, Greek--> <!ENTITY idiagr SDATA "[idiagr]"--=small iota, dieresis, accent, Greek--> <!ENTITY oacgr SDATA "[oacgr ]"--=small omicron, accent, Greek--> <!ENTITY Oacgr SDATA "[Oacgr ]"--=capital Omicron, accent, Greek--> <!ENTITY udigr SDATA "[udigr ]"--=small upsilon, dieresis, Greek--> <!ENTITY Udigr SDATA "[Udigr ]"--=capital Upsilon, dieresis, Greek--> <!ENTITY uacgr SDATA "[uacgr ]"--=small upsilon, accent, Greek--> <!ENTITY Uacgr SDATA "[Uacgr ]"--=capital Upsilon, accent, Greek--> <!ENTITY udiagr SDATA "[udiagr]"--=small upsilon, dieresis, accent, Greek--> <!ENTITY ohacgr SDATA "[ohacgr]"--=small omega, accent, Greek--> <!ENTITY OHacgr SDATA "[OHacgr]"--=capital Omega, accent, Greek--> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISOgrk3 PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Greek Symbols//EN"> %ISOgrk3; --> <!ENTITY alpha SDATA "[alpha ]"--=small alpha, Greek--> <!ENTITY beta SDATA "[beta ]"--=small beta, Greek--> <!ENTITY gamma SDATA "[gamma ]"--=small gamma, Greek--> <!ENTITY Gamma SDATA "[Gamma ]"--=capital Gamma, Greek--> <!ENTITY gammad SDATA "[gammad]"--/digamma--> <!ENTITY delta SDATA "[delta ]"--=small delta, Greek--> <!ENTITY Delta SDATA "[Delta ]"--=capital Delta, Greek--> <!ENTITY epsi SDATA "[epsi ]"--=small epsilon, Greek--> <!ENTITY epsiv SDATA "[epsiv ]"--/varepsilon--> <!ENTITY epsis SDATA "[epsis ]"--/straightepsilon--> <!ENTITY zeta SDATA "[zeta ]"--=small zeta, Greek--> <!ENTITY eta SDATA "[eta ]"--=small eta, Greek--> <!ENTITY thetas SDATA "[thetas]"--straight theta--> <!ENTITY Theta SDATA "[Theta ]"--=capital Theta, Greek--> <!ENTITY thetav SDATA "[thetav]"--/vartheta - curly or open theta--> <!ENTITY iota SDATA "[iota ]"--=small iota, Greek--> <!ENTITY kappa SDATA "[kappa ]"--=small kappa, Greek--> <!ENTITY kappav SDATA "[kappav]"--/varkappa--> <!ENTITY lambda SDATA "[lambda]"--=small lambda, Greek--> <!ENTITY Lambda SDATA "[Lambda]"--=capital Lambda, Greek--> <!ENTITY mu SDATA "[mu ]"--=small mu, Greek--> <!ENTITY nu SDATA "[nu ]"--=small nu, Greek--> <!ENTITY xi SDATA "[xi ]"--=small xi, Greek--> <!ENTITY Xi SDATA "[Xi ]"--=capital Xi, Greek--> <!ENTITY pi SDATA "[pi ]"--=small pi, Greek--> <!ENTITY piv SDATA "[piv ]"--/varpi--> <!ENTITY Pi SDATA "[Pi ]"--=capital Pi, Greek--> <!ENTITY rho SDATA "[rho ]"--=small rho, Greek--> <!ENTITY rhov SDATA "[rhov ]"--/varrho--> <!ENTITY sigma SDATA "[sigma ]"--=small sigma, Greek--> <!ENTITY Sigma SDATA "[Sigma ]"--=capital Sigma, Greek--> <!ENTITY sigmav SDATA "[sigmav]"--/varsigma--> <!ENTITY tau SDATA "[tau ]"--=small tau, Greek--> <!ENTITY upsi SDATA "[upsi ]"--=small upsilon, Greek--> <!ENTITY Upsi SDATA "[Upsi ]"--=capital Upsilon, Greek--> <!ENTITY phis SDATA "[phis ]"--/straightphi - straight phi--> <!ENTITY Phi SDATA "[Phi ]"--=capital Phi, Greek--> <!ENTITY phiv SDATA "[phiv ]"--/varphi - curly or open phi--> <!ENTITY chi SDATA "[chi ]"--=small chi, Greek--> <!ENTITY psi SDATA "[psi ]"--=small psi, Greek--> <!ENTITY Psi SDATA "[Psi ]"--=capital Psi, Greek--> <!ENTITY omega SDATA "[omega ]"--=small omega, Greek--> <!ENTITY Omega SDATA "[Omega ]"--=capital Omega, Greek--> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISOgrk4 PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Alternative Greek Symbols//EN"> %ISOgrk4; --> <!ENTITY b.alpha SDATA "[b.alpha ]"--=small alpha, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.beta SDATA "[b.beta ]"--=small beta, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.gamma SDATA "[b.gamma ]"--=small gamma, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.Gamma SDATA "[b.Gamma ]"--=capital Gamma, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.gammad SDATA "[b.gammad]"--/digamma--> <!ENTITY b.delta SDATA "[b.delta ]"--=small delta, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.Delta SDATA "[b.Delta ]"--=capital Delta, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.epsi SDATA "[b.epsi ]"--=small epsilon, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.epsiv SDATA "[b.epsiv ]"--/varepsilon--> <!ENTITY b.epsis SDATA "[b.epsis ]"--/straightepsilon--> <!ENTITY b.zeta SDATA "[b.zeta ]"--=small zeta, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.eta SDATA "[b.eta ]"--=small eta, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.thetas SDATA "[b.thetas]"--straight theta--> <!ENTITY b.Theta SDATA "[b.Theta ]"--=capital Theta, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.thetav SDATA "[b.thetav]"--/vartheta - curly or open theta--> <!ENTITY b.iota SDATA "[b.iota ]"--=small iota, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.kappa SDATA "[b.kappa ]"--=small kappa, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.kappav SDATA "[b.kappav]"--/varkappa--> <!ENTITY b.lambda SDATA "[b.lambda]"--=small lambda, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.Lambda SDATA "[b.Lambda]"--=capital Lambda, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.mu SDATA "[b.mu ]"--=small mu, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.nu SDATA "[b.nu ]"--=small nu, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.xi SDATA "[b.xi ]"--=small xi, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.Xi SDATA "[b.Xi ]"--=capital Xi, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.pi SDATA "[b.pi ]"--=small pi, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.Pi SDATA "[b.Pi ]"--=capital Pi, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.piv SDATA "[b.piv ]"--/varpi--> <!ENTITY b.rho SDATA "[b.rho ]"--=small rho, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.rhov SDATA "[b.rhov ]"--/varrho--> <!ENTITY b.sigma SDATA "[b.sigma ]"--=small sigma, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.Sigma SDATA "[b.Sigma ]"--=capital Sigma, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.sigmav SDATA "[b.sigmav]"--/varsigma--> <!ENTITY b.tau SDATA "[b.tau ]"--=small tau, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.upsi SDATA "[b.upsi ]"--=small upsilon, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.Upsi SDATA "[b.Upsi ]"--=capital Upsilon, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.phis SDATA "[b.phis ]"--/straightphi - straight phi--> <!ENTITY b.Phi SDATA "[b.Phi ]"--=capital Phi, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.phiv SDATA "[b.phiv ]"--/varphi - curly or open phi--> <!ENTITY b.chi SDATA "[b.chi ]"--=small chi, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.psi SDATA "[b.psi ]"--=small psi, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.Psi SDATA "[b.Psi ]"--=capital Psi, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.omega SDATA "[b.omega ]"--=small omega, Greek--> <!ENTITY b.Omega SDATA "[b.Omega ]"--=capital Omega, Greek--> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISOlat1 PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 1//EN"> %ISOlat1; --> <!ENTITY aacute SDATA "[aacute]"--=small a, acute accent--> <!ENTITY Aacute SDATA "[Aacute]"--=capital A, acute accent--> <!ENTITY acirc SDATA "[acirc ]"--=small a, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY Acirc SDATA "[Acirc ]"--=capital A, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY agrave SDATA "[agrave]"--=small a, grave accent--> <!ENTITY Agrave SDATA "[Agrave]"--=capital A, grave accent--> <!ENTITY aring SDATA "[aring ]"--=small a, ring--> <!ENTITY Aring SDATA "[Aring ]"--=capital A, ring--> <!ENTITY atilde SDATA "[atilde]"--=small a, tilde--> <!ENTITY Atilde SDATA "[Atilde]"--=capital A, tilde--> <!ENTITY auml SDATA "[auml ]"--=small a, dieresis or umlaut mark--> <!ENTITY Auml SDATA "[Auml ]"--=capital A, dieresis or umlaut mark--> <!ENTITY aelig SDATA "[aelig ]"--=small ae diphthong (ligature)--> <!ENTITY AElig SDATA "[AElig ]"--=capital AE diphthong (ligature)--> <!ENTITY ccedil SDATA "[ccedil]"--=small c, cedilla--> <!ENTITY Ccedil SDATA "[Ccedil]"--=capital C, cedilla--> <!ENTITY eth SDATA "[eth ]"--=small eth, Icelandic--> <!ENTITY ETH SDATA "[ETH ]"--=capital Eth, Icelandic--> <!ENTITY eacute SDATA "[eacute]"--=small e, acute accent--> <!ENTITY Eacute SDATA "[Eacute]"--=capital E, acute accent--> <!ENTITY ecirc SDATA "[ecirc ]"--=small e, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY Ecirc SDATA "[Ecirc ]"--=capital E, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY egrave SDATA "[egrave]"--=small e, grave accent--> <!ENTITY Egrave SDATA "[Egrave]"--=capital E, grave accent--> <!ENTITY euml SDATA "[euml ]"--=small e, dieresis or umlaut mark--> <!ENTITY Euml SDATA "[Euml ]"--=capital E, dieresis or umlaut mark--> <!ENTITY iacute SDATA "[iacute]"--=small i, acute accent--> <!ENTITY Iacute SDATA "[Iacute]"--=capital I, acute accent--> <!ENTITY icirc SDATA "[icirc ]"--=small i, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY Icirc SDATA "[Icirc ]"--=capital I, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY igrave SDATA "[igrave]"--=small i, grave accent--> <!ENTITY Igrave SDATA "[Igrave]"--=capital I, grave accent--> <!ENTITY iuml SDATA "[iuml ]"--=small i, dieresis or umlaut mark--> <!ENTITY Iuml SDATA "[Iuml ]"--=capital I, dieresis or umlaut mark--> <!ENTITY ntilde SDATA "[ntilde]"--=small n, tilde--> <!ENTITY Ntilde SDATA "[Ntilde]"--=capital N, tilde--> <!ENTITY oacute SDATA "[oacute]"--=small o, acute accent--> <!ENTITY Oacute SDATA "[Oacute]"--=capital O, acute accent--> <!ENTITY ocirc SDATA "[ocirc ]"--=small o, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY Ocirc SDATA "[Ocirc ]"--=capital O, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY ograve SDATA "[ograve]"--=small o, grave accent--> <!ENTITY Ograve SDATA "[Ograve]"--=capital O, grave accent--> <!ENTITY oslash SDATA "[oslash]"--=small o, slash--> <!ENTITY Oslash SDATA "[Oslash]"--=capital O, slash--> <!ENTITY otilde SDATA "[otilde]"--=small o, tilde--> <!ENTITY Otilde SDATA "[Otilde]"--=capital O, tilde--> <!ENTITY ouml SDATA "[ouml ]"--=small o, dieresis or umlaut mark--> <!ENTITY Ouml SDATA "[Ouml ]"--=capital O, dieresis or umlaut mark--> <!ENTITY szlig SDATA "[szlig ]"--=small sharp s, German (sz ligature)--> <!ENTITY thorn SDATA "[thorn ]"--=small thorn, Icelandic--> <!ENTITY THORN SDATA "[THORN ]"--=capital THORN, Icelandic--> <!ENTITY uacute SDATA "[uacute]"--=small u, acute accent--> <!ENTITY Uacute SDATA "[Uacute]"--=capital U, acute accent--> <!ENTITY ucirc SDATA "[ucirc ]"--=small u, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY Ucirc SDATA "[Ucirc ]"--=capital U, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY ugrave SDATA "[ugrave]"--=small u, grave accent--> <!ENTITY Ugrave SDATA "[Ugrave]"--=capital U, grave accent--> <!ENTITY uuml SDATA "[uuml ]"--=small u, dieresis or umlaut mark--> <!ENTITY Uuml SDATA "[Uuml ]"--=capital U, dieresis or umlaut mark--> <!ENTITY yacute SDATA "[yacute]"--=small y, acute accent--> <!ENTITY Yacute SDATA "[Yacute]"--=capital Y, acute accent--> <!ENTITY yuml SDATA "[yuml ]"--=small y, dieresis or umlaut mark--> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISOlat2 PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 2//EN"> %ISOlat2; --> <!ENTITY abreve SDATA "[abreve]"--=small a, breve--> <!ENTITY Abreve SDATA "[Abreve]"--=capital A, breve--> <!ENTITY amacr SDATA "[amacr ]"--=small a, macron--> <!ENTITY Amacr SDATA "[Amacr ]"--=capital A, macron--> <!ENTITY aogon SDATA "[aogon ]"--=small a, ogonek--> <!ENTITY Aogon SDATA "[Aogon ]"--=capital A, ogonek--> <!ENTITY cacute SDATA "[cacute]"--=small c, acute accent--> <!ENTITY Cacute SDATA "[Cacute]"--=capital C, acute accent--> <!ENTITY ccaron SDATA "[ccaron]"--=small c, caron--> <!ENTITY Ccaron SDATA "[Ccaron]"--=capital C, caron--> <!ENTITY ccirc SDATA "[ccirc ]"--=small c, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY Ccirc SDATA "[Ccirc ]"--=capital C, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY cdot SDATA "[cdot ]"--=small c, dot above--> <!ENTITY Cdot SDATA "[Cdot ]"--=capital C, dot above--> <!ENTITY dcaron SDATA "[dcaron]"--=small d, caron--> <!ENTITY Dcaron SDATA "[Dcaron]"--=capital D, caron--> <!ENTITY dstrok SDATA "[dstrok]"--=small d, stroke--> <!ENTITY Dstrok SDATA "[Dstrok]"--=capital D, stroke--> <!ENTITY ecaron SDATA "[ecaron]"--=small e, caron--> <!ENTITY Ecaron SDATA "[Ecaron]"--=capital E, caron--> <!ENTITY edot SDATA "[edot ]"--=small e, dot above--> <!ENTITY Edot SDATA "[Edot ]"--=capital E, dot above--> <!ENTITY emacr SDATA "[emacr ]"--=small e, macron--> <!ENTITY Emacr SDATA "[Emacr ]"--=capital E, macron--> <!ENTITY eogon SDATA "[eogon ]"--=small e, ogonek--> <!ENTITY Eogon SDATA "[Eogon ]"--=capital E, ogonek--> <!ENTITY gacute SDATA "[gacute]"--=small g, acute accent--> <!ENTITY gbreve SDATA "[gbreve]"--=small g, breve--> <!ENTITY Gbreve SDATA "[Gbreve]"--=capital G, breve--> <!ENTITY Gcedil SDATA "[Gcedil]"--=capital G, cedilla--> <!ENTITY gcirc SDATA "[gcirc ]"--=small g, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY Gcirc SDATA "[Gcirc ]"--=capital G, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY gdot SDATA "[gdot ]"--=small g, dot above--> <!ENTITY Gdot SDATA "[Gdot ]"--=capital G, dot above--> <!ENTITY hcirc SDATA "[hcirc ]"--=small h, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY Hcirc SDATA "[Hcirc ]"--=capital H, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY hstrok SDATA "[hstrok]"--=small h, stroke--> <!ENTITY Hstrok SDATA "[Hstrok]"--=capital H, stroke--> <!ENTITY Idot SDATA "[Idot ]"--=capital I, dot above--> <!ENTITY Imacr SDATA "[Imacr ]"--=capital I, macron--> <!ENTITY imacr SDATA "[imacr ]"--=small i, macron--> <!ENTITY ijlig SDATA "[ijlig ]"--=small ij ligature--> <!ENTITY IJlig SDATA "[IJlig ]"--=capital IJ ligature--> <!ENTITY inodot SDATA "[inodot]"--=small i without dot--> <!ENTITY iogon SDATA "[iogon ]"--=small i, ogonek--> <!ENTITY Iogon SDATA "[Iogon ]"--=capital I, ogonek--> <!ENTITY itilde SDATA "[itilde]"--=small i, tilde--> <!ENTITY Itilde SDATA "[Itilde]"--=capital I, tilde--> <!ENTITY jcirc SDATA "[jcirc ]"--=small j, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY Jcirc SDATA "[Jcirc ]"--=capital J, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY kcedil SDATA "[kcedil]"--=small k, cedilla--> <!ENTITY Kcedil SDATA "[Kcedil]"--=capital K, cedilla--> <!ENTITY kgreen SDATA "[kgreen]"--=small k, Greenlandic--> <!ENTITY lacute SDATA "[lacute]"--=small l, acute accent--> <!ENTITY Lacute SDATA "[Lacute]"--=capital L, acute accent--> <!ENTITY lcaron SDATA "[lcaron]"--=small l, caron--> <!ENTITY Lcaron SDATA "[Lcaron]"--=capital L, caron--> <!ENTITY lcedil SDATA "[lcedil]"--=small l, cedilla--> <!ENTITY Lcedil SDATA "[Lcedil]"--=capital L, cedilla--> <!ENTITY lmidot SDATA "[lmidot]"--=small l, middle dot--> <!ENTITY Lmidot SDATA "[Lmidot]"--=capital L, middle dot--> <!ENTITY lstrok SDATA "[lstrok]"--=small l, stroke--> <!ENTITY Lstrok SDATA "[Lstrok]"--=capital L, stroke--> <!ENTITY nacute SDATA "[nacute]"--=small n, acute accent--> <!ENTITY Nacute SDATA "[Nacute]"--=capital N, acute accent--> <!ENTITY eng SDATA "[eng ]"--=small eng, Lapp--> <!ENTITY ENG SDATA "[ENG ]"--=capital ENG, Lapp--> <!ENTITY napos SDATA "[napos ]"--=small n, apostrophe--> <!ENTITY ncaron SDATA "[ncaron]"--=small n, caron--> <!ENTITY Ncaron SDATA "[Ncaron]"--=capital N, caron--> <!ENTITY ncedil SDATA "[ncedil]"--=small n, cedilla--> <!ENTITY Ncedil SDATA "[Ncedil]"--=capital N, cedilla--> <!ENTITY odblac SDATA "[odblac]"--=small o, double acute accent--> <!ENTITY Odblac SDATA "[Odblac]"--=capital O, double acute accent--> <!ENTITY Omacr SDATA "[Omacr ]"--=capital O, macron--> <!ENTITY omacr SDATA "[omacr ]"--=small o, macron--> <!ENTITY oelig SDATA "[oelig ]"--=small oe ligature--> <!ENTITY OElig SDATA "[OElig ]"--=capital OE ligature--> <!ENTITY racute SDATA "[racute]"--=small r, acute accent--> <!ENTITY Racute SDATA "[Racute]"--=capital R, acute accent--> <!ENTITY rcaron SDATA "[rcaron]"--=small r, caron--> <!ENTITY Rcaron SDATA "[Rcaron]"--=capital R, caron--> <!ENTITY rcedil SDATA "[rcedil]"--=small r, cedilla--> <!ENTITY Rcedil SDATA "[Rcedil]"--=capital R, cedilla--> <!ENTITY sacute SDATA "[sacute]"--=small s, acute accent--> <!ENTITY Sacute SDATA "[Sacute]"--=capital S, acute accent--> <!ENTITY scaron SDATA "[scaron]"--=small s, caron--> <!ENTITY Scaron SDATA "[Scaron]"--=capital S, caron--> <!ENTITY scedil SDATA "[scedil]"--=small s, cedilla--> <!ENTITY Scedil SDATA "[Scedil]"--=capital S, cedilla--> <!ENTITY scirc SDATA "[scirc ]"--=small s, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY Scirc SDATA "[Scirc ]"--=capital S, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY tcaron SDATA "[tcaron]"--=small t, caron--> <!ENTITY Tcaron SDATA "[Tcaron]"--=capital T, caron--> <!ENTITY tcedil SDATA "[tcedil]"--=small t, cedilla--> <!ENTITY Tcedil SDATA "[Tcedil]"--=capital T, cedilla--> <!ENTITY tstrok SDATA "[tstrok]"--=small t, stroke--> <!ENTITY Tstrok SDATA "[Tstrok]"--=capital T, stroke--> <!ENTITY ubreve SDATA "[ubreve]"--=small u, breve--> <!ENTITY Ubreve SDATA "[Ubreve]"--=capital U, breve--> <!ENTITY udblac SDATA "[udblac]"--=small u, double acute accent--> <!ENTITY Udblac SDATA "[Udblac]"--=capital U, double acute accent--> <!ENTITY umacr SDATA "[umacr ]"--=small u, macron--> <!ENTITY Umacr SDATA "[Umacr ]"--=capital U, macron--> <!ENTITY uogon SDATA "[uogon ]"--=small u, ogonek--> <!ENTITY Uogon SDATA "[Uogon ]"--=capital U, ogonek--> <!ENTITY uring SDATA "[uring ]"--=small u, ring--> <!ENTITY Uring SDATA "[Uring ]"--=capital U, ring--> <!ENTITY utilde SDATA "[utilde]"--=small u, tilde--> <!ENTITY Utilde SDATA "[Utilde]"--=capital U, tilde--> <!ENTITY wcirc SDATA "[wcirc ]"--=small w, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY Wcirc SDATA "[Wcirc ]"--=capital W, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY ycirc SDATA "[ycirc ]"--=small y, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY Ycirc SDATA "[Ycirc ]"--=capital Y, circumflex accent--> <!ENTITY Yuml SDATA "[Yuml ]"--=capital Y, dieresis or umlaut mark--> <!ENTITY zacute SDATA "[zacute]"--=small z, acute accent--> <!ENTITY Zacute SDATA "[Zacute]"--=capital Z, acute accent--> <!ENTITY zcaron SDATA "[zcaron]"--=small z, caron--> <!ENTITY Zcaron SDATA "[Zcaron]"--=capital Z, caron--> <!ENTITY zdot SDATA "[zdot ]"--=small z, dot above--> <!ENTITY Zdot SDATA "[Zdot ]"--=capital Z, dot above--> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISOnum PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Numeric and Special Graphic//EN"> %ISOnum; --> <!ENTITY half SDATA "[half ]"--=fraction one-half--> <!ENTITY frac12 SDATA "[frac12]"--=fraction one-half--> <!ENTITY frac14 SDATA "[frac14]"--=fraction one-quarter--> <!ENTITY frac34 SDATA "[frac34]"--=fraction three-quarters--> <!ENTITY frac18 SDATA "[frac18]"--=fraction one-eighth--> <!ENTITY frac38 SDATA "[frac38]"--=fraction three-eighths--> <!ENTITY frac58 SDATA "[frac58]"--=fraction five-eighths--> <!ENTITY frac78 SDATA "[frac78]"--=fraction seven-eighths--> <!ENTITY sup1 SDATA "[sup1 ]"--=superscript one--> <!ENTITY sup2 SDATA "[sup2 ]"--=superscript two--> <!ENTITY sup3 SDATA "[sup3 ]"--=superscript three--> <!ENTITY plus SDATA "[plus ]"--=plus sign B:-- > <!ENTITY plusmn SDATA "[plusmn]"--/pm B: =plus-or-minus sign--> <!ENTITY lt SDATA "[lt ]"--=less-than sign R:--> <!ENTITY equals SDATA "[equals]"--=equals sign R:--> <!ENTITY gt SDATA "[gt ]"--=greater-than sign R:--> <!ENTITY divide SDATA "[divide]"--/div B: =divide sign--> <!ENTITY times SDATA "[times ]"--/times B: =multiply sign--> <!ENTITY curren SDATA "[curren]"--=general currency sign--> <!ENTITY pound SDATA "[pound ]"--=pound sign--> <!ENTITY dollar SDATA "[dollar]"--=dollar sign--> <!ENTITY cent SDATA "[cent ]"--=cent sign--> <!ENTITY yen SDATA "[yen ]"--/yen =yen sign--> <!ENTITY num SDATA "[num ]"--=number sign--> <!ENTITY percnt SDATA "[percnt]"--=percent sign--> <!ENTITY amp SDATA "[amp ]"--=ampersand--> <!ENTITY ast SDATA "[ast ]"--/ast B: =asterisk--> <!ENTITY commat SDATA "[commat]"--=commercial at--> <!ENTITY lsqb SDATA "[lsqb ]"--/lbrack O: =left square bracket--> <!ENTITY bsol SDATA "[bsol ]"--/backslash =reverse solidus--> <!ENTITY rsqb SDATA "[rsqb ]"--/rbrack C: =right square bracket--> <!ENTITY lcub SDATA "[lcub ]"--/lbrace O: =left curly bracket--> <!ENTITY horbar SDATA "[horbar]"--=horizontal bar--> <!ENTITY verbar SDATA "[verbar]"--/vert =vertical bar--> <!ENTITY rcub SDATA "[rcub ]"--/rbrace C: =right curly bracket--> <!ENTITY micro SDATA "[micro ]"--=micro sign--> <!ENTITY ohm SDATA "[ohm ]"--=ohm sign--> <!ENTITY deg SDATA "[deg ]"--=degree sign--> <!ENTITY ordm SDATA "[ordm ]"--=ordinal indicator, masculine--> <!ENTITY ordf SDATA "[ordf ]"--=ordinal indicator, feminine--> <!ENTITY sect SDATA "[sect ]"--=section sign--> <!ENTITY para SDATA "[para ]"--=pilcrow (paragraph sign)--> <!ENTITY middot SDATA "[middot]"--/centerdot B: =middle dot--> <!ENTITY larr SDATA "[larr ]"--/leftarrow /gets A: =leftward arrow--> <!ENTITY rarr SDATA "[rarr ]"--/rightarrow /to A: =rightward arrow--> <!ENTITY uarr SDATA "[uarr ]"--/uparrow A: =upward arrow--> <!ENTITY darr SDATA "[darr ]"--/downarrow A: =downward arrow--> <!ENTITY copy SDATA "[copy ]"--=copyright sign--> <!ENTITY reg SDATA "[reg ]"--/circledR =registered sign--> <!ENTITY trade SDATA "[trade ]"--=trade mark sign--> <!ENTITY brvbar SDATA "[brvbar]"--=broken (vertical) bar--> <!ENTITY not SDATA "[not ]"--/neg /lnot =not sign--> <!ENTITY sung SDATA "[sung ]"--=music note (sung text sign)--> <!ENTITY excl SDATA "[excl ]"--=exclamation mark--> <!ENTITY iexcl SDATA "[iexcl ]"--=inverted exclamation mark--> <!ENTITY quot SDATA "[quot ]"--=quotation mark--> <!ENTITY apos SDATA "[apos ]"--=apostrophe--> <!ENTITY lpar SDATA "[lpar ]"--O: =left parenthesis--> <!ENTITY rpar SDATA "[rpar ]"--C: =right parenthesis--> <!ENTITY comma SDATA "[comma ]"--P: =comma--> <!ENTITY lowbar SDATA "[lowbar]"--=low line--> <!ENTITY hyphen SDATA "[hyphen]"--=hyphen--> <!ENTITY period SDATA "[period]"--=full stop, period--> <!ENTITY sol SDATA "[sol ]"--=solidus--> <!ENTITY colon SDATA "[colon ]"--/colon P:--> <!ENTITY semi SDATA "[semi ]"--=semicolon P:--> <!ENTITY quest SDATA "[quest ]"--=question mark--> <!ENTITY iquest SDATA "[iquest]"--=inverted question mark--> <!ENTITY laquo SDATA "[laquo ]"--=angle quotation mark, left--> <!ENTITY raquo SDATA "[raquo ]"--=angle quotation mark, right--> <!ENTITY lsquo SDATA "[lsquo ]"--=single quotation mark, left--> <!ENTITY rsquo SDATA "[rsquo ]"--=single quotation mark, right--> <!ENTITY ldquo SDATA "[ldquo ]"--=double quotation mark, left--> <!ENTITY rdquo SDATA "[rdquo ]"--=double quotation mark, right--> <!ENTITY nbsp SDATA "[nbsp ]"--=no break (required) space--> <!ENTITY shy SDATA "[shy ]"--=soft hyphen--> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISOpub PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Publishing//EN"> %ISOpub; --> <!ENTITY emsp SDATA "[emsp ]"--=em space--> <!ENTITY ensp SDATA "[ensp ]"--=en space (1/2-em)--> <!ENTITY emsp13 SDATA "[emsp3 ]"--=1/3-em space--> <!ENTITY emsp14 SDATA "[emsp4 ]"--=1/4-em space--> <!ENTITY numsp SDATA "[numsp ]"--=digit space (width of a number)--> <!ENTITY puncsp SDATA "[puncsp]"--=punctuation space (width of comma)--> <!ENTITY thinsp SDATA "[thinsp]"--=thin space (1/6-em)--> <!ENTITY hairsp SDATA "[hairsp]"--=hair space--> <!ENTITY mdash SDATA "[mdash ]"--=em dash--> <!ENTITY ndash SDATA "[ndash ]"--=en dash--> <!ENTITY dash SDATA "[dash ]"--=hyphen (true graphic)--> <!ENTITY blank SDATA "[blank ]"--=significant blank symbol--> <!ENTITY hellip SDATA "[hellip]"--=ellipsis (horizontal)--> <!ENTITY nldr SDATA "[nldr ]"--=double baseline dot (en leader)--> <!ENTITY frac13 SDATA "[frac13]"--=fraction one-third--> <!ENTITY frac23 SDATA "[frac23]"--=fraction two-thirds--> <!ENTITY frac15 SDATA "[frac15]"--=fraction one-fifth--> <!ENTITY frac25 SDATA "[frac25]"--=fraction two-fifths--> <!ENTITY frac35 SDATA "[frac35]"--=fraction three-fifths--> <!ENTITY frac45 SDATA "[frac45]"--=fraction four-fifths--> <!ENTITY frac16 SDATA "[frac16]"--=fraction one-sixth--> <!ENTITY frac56 SDATA "[frac56]"--=fraction five-sixths--> <!ENTITY incare SDATA "[incare]"--=in-care-of symbol--> <!ENTITY block SDATA "[block ]"--=full block--> <!ENTITY uhblk SDATA "[uhblk ]"--=upper half block--> <!ENTITY lhblk SDATA "[lhblk ]"--=lower half block--> <!ENTITY blk14 SDATA "[blk14 ]"--=25% shaded block--> <!ENTITY blk12 SDATA "[blk12 ]"--=50% shaded block--> <!ENTITY blk34 SDATA "[blk34 ]"--=75% shaded block--> <!ENTITY marker SDATA "[marker]"--=histogram marker--> <!ENTITY cir SDATA "[cir ]"--/circ B: =circle, open--> <!ENTITY squ SDATA "[squ ]"--=square, open--> <!ENTITY rect SDATA "[rect ]"--=rectangle, open--> <!ENTITY utri SDATA "[utri ]"--/triangle =up triangle, open--> <!ENTITY dtri SDATA "[dtri ]"--/triangledown =down triangle, open--> <!ENTITY star SDATA "[star ]"--=star, open--> <!ENTITY bull SDATA "[bull ]"--/bullet B: =round bullet, filled--> <!ENTITY squf SDATA "[squf ]"--/blacksquare =sq bullet, filled--> <!ENTITY utrif SDATA "[utrif ]"--/blacktriangle =up tri, filled--> <!ENTITY dtrif SDATA "[dtrif ]"--/blacktriangledown =dn tri, filled--> <!ENTITY ltrif SDATA "[ltrif ]"--/blacktriangleleft R: =l tri, filled--> <!ENTITY rtrif SDATA "[rtrif ]"--/blacktriangleright R: =r tri, filled--> <!ENTITY clubs SDATA "[clubs ]"--/clubsuit =club suit symbol--> <!ENTITY diams SDATA "[diams ]"--/diamondsuit =diamond suit symbol--> <!ENTITY hearts SDATA "[hearts]"--/heartsuit =heart suit symbol--> <!ENTITY spades SDATA "[spades]"--/spadesuit =spades suit symbol--> <!ENTITY malt SDATA "[malt ]"--/maltese =maltese cross--> <!ENTITY dagger SDATA "[dagger]"--/dagger B: =dagger--> <!ENTITY Dagger SDATA "[Dagger]"--/ddagger B: =double dagger--> <!ENTITY check SDATA "[check ]"--/checkmark =tick, check mark--> <!ENTITY cross SDATA "[ballot]"--=ballot cross--> <!ENTITY sharp SDATA "[sharp ]"--/sharp =musical sharp--> <!ENTITY flat SDATA "[flat ]"--/flat =musical flat--> <!ENTITY male SDATA "[male ]"--=male symbol--> <!ENTITY female SDATA "[female]"--=female symbol--> <!ENTITY phone SDATA "[phone ]"--=telephone symbol--> <!ENTITY telrec SDATA "[telrec]"--=telephone recorder symbol--> <!ENTITY copysr SDATA "[copysr]"--=sound recording copyright sign--> <!ENTITY caret SDATA "[caret ]"--=caret (insertion mark)--> <!ENTITY lsquor SDATA "[lsquor]"--=rising single quote, left (low)--> <!ENTITY ldquor SDATA "[ldquor]"--=rising dbl quote, left (low)--> <!ENTITY fflig SDATA "[fflig ]"--small ff ligature--> <!ENTITY filig SDATA "[filig ]"--small fi ligature--> <!ENTITY fjlig SDATA "[fjlig ]"--small fj ligature--> <!ENTITY ffilig SDATA "[ffilig]"--small ffi ligature--> <!ENTITY ffllig SDATA "[ffllig]"--small ffl ligature--> <!ENTITY fllig SDATA "[fllig ]"--small fl ligature--> <!ENTITY mldr SDATA "[mldr ]"--em leader--> <!ENTITY rdquor SDATA "[rdquor]"--rising dbl quote, right (high)--> <!ENTITY rsquor SDATA "[rsquor]"--rising single quote, right (high)--> <!ENTITY vellip SDATA "[vellip]"--vertical ellipsis--> <!ENTITY hybull SDATA "[hybull]"--rectangle, filled (hyphen bullet)--> <!ENTITY loz SDATA "[loz ]"--/lozenge - lozenge or total mark--> <!ENTITY lozf SDATA "[lozf ]"--/blacklozenge - lozenge, filled--> <!ENTITY ltri SDATA "[ltri ]"--/triangleleft B: l triangle, open--> <!ENTITY rtri SDATA "[rtri ]"--/triangleright B: r triangle, open--> <!ENTITY starf SDATA "[starf ]"--/bigstar - star, filled--> <!ENTITY natur SDATA "[natur ]"--/natural - music natural--> <!ENTITY rx SDATA "[rx ]"--pharmaceutical prescription (Rx)--> <!ENTITY sext SDATA "[sext ]"--sextile (6-pointed star)--> <!ENTITY target SDATA "[target]"--register mark or target--> <!ENTITY dlcrop SDATA "[dlcrop]"--downward left crop mark --> <!ENTITY drcrop SDATA "[drcrop]"--downward right crop mark --> <!ENTITY ulcrop SDATA "[ulcrop]"--upward left crop mark --> <!ENTITY urcrop SDATA "[urcrop]"--upward right crop mark --> <!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation: <!ENTITY % ISOtech PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES General Technical//EN"> %ISOtech; --> <!ENTITY aleph SDATA "[aleph ]"--/aleph =aleph, Hebrew--> <!ENTITY and SDATA "[and ]"--/wedge /land B: =logical and--> <!ENTITY ang90 SDATA "[ang90 ]"--=right (90 degree) angle--> <!ENTITY angsph SDATA "[angsph]"--/sphericalangle =angle-spherical--> <!ENTITY ap SDATA "[ap ]"--/approx R: =approximate--> <!ENTITY becaus SDATA "[becaus]"--/because R: =because--> <!ENTITY bottom SDATA "[bottom]"--/bot B: =perpendicular--> <!ENTITY cap SDATA "[cap ]"--/cap B: =intersection--> <!ENTITY cong SDATA "[cong ]"--/cong R: =congruent with--> <!ENTITY conint SDATA "[conint]"--/oint L: =contour integral operator--> <!ENTITY cup SDATA "[cup ]"--/cup B: =union or logical sum--> <!ENTITY equiv SDATA "[equiv ]"--/equiv R: =identical with--> <!ENTITY exist SDATA "[exist ]"--/exists =at least one exists--> <!ENTITY forall SDATA "[forall]"--/forall =for all--> <!ENTITY fnof SDATA "[fnof ]"--=function of (italic small f)--> <!ENTITY ge SDATA "[ge ]"--/geq /ge R: =greater-than-or-equal--> <!ENTITY iff SDATA "[iff ]"--/iff =if and only if--> <!ENTITY infin SDATA "[infin ]"--/infty =infinity--> <!ENTITY int SDATA "[int ]"--/int L: =integral operator--> <!ENTITY isin SDATA "[isin ]"--/in R: =set membership--> <!ENTITY lang SDATA "[lang ]"--/langle O: =left angle bracket--> <!ENTITY lArr SDATA "[lArr ]"--/Leftarrow A: =is implied by--> <!ENTITY le SDATA "[le ]"--/leq /le R: =less-than-or-equal--> <!ENTITY minus SDATA "[minus ]"--B: =minus sign--> <!ENTITY mnplus SDATA "[mnplus]"--/mp B: =minus-or-plus sign--> <!ENTITY nabla SDATA "[nabla ]"--/nabla =del, Hamilton operator--> <!ENTITY ne SDATA "[ne ]"--/ne /neq R: =not equal--> <!ENTITY ni SDATA "[ni ]"--/ni /owns R: =contains--> <!ENTITY or SDATA "[or ]"--/vee /lor B: =logical or--> <!ENTITY par SDATA "[par ]"--/parallel R: =parallel--> <!ENTITY part SDATA "[part ]"--/partial =partial differential--> <!ENTITY permil SDATA "[permil]"--=per thousand--> <!ENTITY perp SDATA "[perp ]"--/perp R: =perpendicular--> <!ENTITY prime SDATA "[prime ]"--/prime =prime or minute--> <!ENTITY Prime SDATA "[Prime ]"--=double prime or second--> <!ENTITY prop SDATA "[prop ]"--/propto R: =is proportional to--> <!ENTITY radic SDATA "[radic ]"--/surd =radical--> <!ENTITY rang SDATA "[rang ]"--/rangle C: =right angle bracket--> <!ENTITY rArr SDATA "[rArr ]"--/Rightarrow A: =implies--> <!ENTITY sim SDATA "[sim ]"--/sim R: =similar--> <!ENTITY sime SDATA "[sime ]"--/simeq R: =similar, equals--> <!ENTITY square SDATA "[square]"--/square B: =square--> <!ENTITY sub SDATA "[sub ]"--/subset R: =subset or is implied by--> <!ENTITY sube SDATA "[sube ]"--/subseteq R: =subset, equals--> <!ENTITY sup SDATA "[sup ]"--/supset R: =superset or implies--> <!ENTITY supe SDATA "[supe ]"--/supseteq R: =superset, equals--> <!ENTITY there4 SDATA "[there4]"--/therefore R: =therefore--> <!ENTITY Verbar SDATA "[Verbar]"--/Vert =dbl vertical bar--> <!ENTITY angst SDATA "[angst ]"--Angstrom =capital A, ring--> <!ENTITY bernou SDATA "[bernou]"--Bernoulli function (script capital B)--> <!ENTITY compfn SDATA "[compfn]"--B: composite function (small circle)--> <!ENTITY Dot SDATA "[Dot ]"--=dieresis or umlaut mark--> <!ENTITY DotDot SDATA "[DotDot]"--four dots above--> <!ENTITY hamilt SDATA "[hamilt]"--Hamiltonian (script capital H)--> <!ENTITY lagran SDATA "[lagran]"--Lagrangian (script capital L)--> <!ENTITY lowast SDATA "[lowast]"--low asterisk--> <!ENTITY notin SDATA "[notin ]"--N: negated set membership--> <!ENTITY order SDATA "[order ]"--order of (script small o)--> <!ENTITY phmmat SDATA "[phmmat]"--physics M-matrix (script capital M)--> <!ENTITY tdot SDATA "[tdot ]"--three dots above--> <!ENTITY tprime SDATA "[tprime]"--triple prime--> <!ENTITY wedgeq SDATA "[wedgeq]"--R: corresponds to (wedge, equals)--> . <SCRIPT language="Javascript"> <!-- // FILE ARCHIVED ON 20050829105513 AND RETRIEVED FROM THE // INTERNET ARCHIVE ON 20101214152015. // JAVASCRIPT APPENDED BY WAYBACK MACHINE, COPYRIGHT INTERNET ARCHIVE. // ALL OTHER CONTENT MAY ALSO BE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT (17 U.S.C. // SECTION 108(a)(3)). var sWayBackCGI = "http://web.archive.org/web/20050829105513/"; 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